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Construction Lawyer in Brighton

We have a specialist team of in-house construction lawyers with years of experience in helping individuals and SME construction companies handle or avoid claims. What’s more is that our construction claims management and generous funding structures allow many small contractors to assert their rights against listed companies.

Complex contracts set out by large companies can often leave individuals, subcontractors or small contractors accepting less payment than they’re truly entitled to due to a lack of legal expertise and not knowing how to deal with complicated excuses for delayed or non-payment.

In construction disputes, it’s essential that you gain experienced construction advisory – general contract and commercial law doesn’t cover the complexity of construction cases. Our team can help you settle building disputes if you’re not sure which route to take or feel you’re being denied what you’re rightfully owed.



What We Can Do

Construction disputes of all shapes and sizes are not uncommon due to the complexity of building jobs – but there are plenty of different ways to settle the matter. Our specialist construction dispute lawyers are able to give expert advice and maximise your recovery in the following areas:

Interim Payments

In large projects, interim payments are made throughout the construction period before final accounts are decided. If you feel your payment has been unjustly delayed, is too small, or need help constructing or serving notices, seek legal advice from Helix Law today.

Retention Recovery

Recovering retention money after a job is complete can sometimes be made difficult – large companies can make excuses to delay repayment or to avoid paying altogether. Helix Law has helped countless contractors win back their rightful retention, No Win No Fee.

Final Account Disputes

Final accounts in construction are often called into question, especially in large projects that have taken a long time to complete. These types of projects can involve hundreds of people and things can get very complicated. Helix Law can help you ascertain what you should receive from a final account and help you resolve disputes. If you are involved in a dispute over defects, contact us for specialist construction contract advice that could help you recover more money.

Dispute Resolution

Sometimes adjudication is not your best option. Our construction lawyers can advise which method of construction dispute resolution is right for you, whether that be arbitration, mediation, litigation or other. Contact us today for advice on which course of action best fits your case.


Our construction solicitors have assisted in dozens of adjudication cases. We can help you achieve the best result from your adjudication process, or even avoid adjudication all together. If you have been served a Notice of Intention or would like to issue one yourself, it is crucial that your adviser is a construction law specialist. Call on ours at Helix Law.

Payment Structures

We offer many of our construction dispute resolution services on a No Win No Fee Basis, allowing better accessibility to expert construction legal advice. Other funding structures we offer include fixed fees, monthly payments and damages based agreements (DBAs). We will help you ascertain which method is right for you.

To find out more about our payment options, see our Costs page or speak to our team.

We also manage a community by the name of Construction Network.

Construction Network brings together construction professionals to network and to share knowledge. Each meeting will seek to discuss common contractual problems and offer practical solutions. Join the network below;

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