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Retention is a sum of money commonly held back by the contractor or employer to ensure they can afford to pay for any defects in a job. It’s also used as a method to keep contractors/subcontractors motivated to do the best job they can – if they don’t, they may not recover their retention payment. But what if you complete a job to the required standard with no defects, and still don’t receive your retention money? 

The standard procedure for receiving retention money should go like this:

  • The contractor calculates the due dates for payments on their contract
  • The contractor sends the employer a notice in the way specified in the contract for retention release
  • The employer responds either by paying the sum payable or issuing a notice to pay less 

For more, see our Retention Recovery page. 

If you follow all the correct procedures to release your retention but the employer does not respond, you should seek legal advice. 

If your money is being withheld unfairly, Helix Law can help. We work with contractors and businesses to recover the retention money they’re owed upon satisfactory completion of a construction job. We’re retention recovery experts – we know how to diagnose retention disputes and how to fight for your money back. 

If it is found that your retention money was wrongfully withheld, we’re happy to offer a No Win No Fee recovery. 

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