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No Win No Fee

Litigation is expensive and risky. A litigation solicitor is usually the person best able to understand and assess that risk. Under a normal hourly rate retainer it is the client that takes all the risk in litigation. To us that seems wrong.

We believe that we shouldn’t ever recommend that our clients bring or defend a claim unless we are willing to share in the risk and only get paid if the client wins.

Offering a No Win No Fee is not a special situation for us, it is the norm.

Why would you trust a solicitor who advises you to litigate but refuses to risk their own fee on the outcome of the case?

Because we are sharing the risk you can be sure that our advice is commercial and realistic.

A No Win No Fee is not always the best option and we will examine all the other funding options including a fixed fee, damages based agreement or a normal retainer.

If we get the litigation funding structure right our clients can punch above their weight and, working together, we have the best prospects of success.

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