At Helix Law, we’re on a mission to give commercially astute advice and to work differently.

We aspire to be a thoroughly modern business, not just a modern firm of solicitors. We want our team to be empowered to always give our clients their very best and when resolving disputes we want our team to give, and our clients to receive, the sort of advice we’d hope to receive ourselves if in their position. Our standards are high, matched only by our ambition. There is much to be done and we need good people to help.

Who we are

Helix Law was established in 2011 and is owned by Jonathan Waters and Alex Cook. Before qualifying as a solicitor Jonathan worked in industry and investment banking for over a decade. Alex has owner experience in a number of SME businesses outside of Helix Law and was a Partner in another firm before joining Helix as an owner in 2013. Experience outside the legal profession informs our commercial focus on and our commitment to being more commercially aware, and more approachable, than traditional law firms.

We are litigation and dispute resolution specialists. We are growing rapidly- our turnover grew by over 60% last year, 40% the year before and we have attained double digit growth from inception. We attract new instructions and work from all over the country every day. Our clients are located across the country and internationally.

Paralegal and Trainee Solicitor
Experienced Solicitors
Operations Team

Did you know…

  • 11 +
    years of positive growth, up 40% for 2022-2023.
  • 98 %
    Response rate to queries in under an hour
  • 100 %
    our staff would recommend us to their friends, family and contacts.

Our culture

Our culture is one of a lean startup and we seek to disrupt established ‘legal norms’. We don’t really like to talk about ourselves or refer to ourselves as a ‘firm’ but prefer to let our actions do the talking. We work hard and smart.

Our organic growth has been driven by a relentless focus on relationships, quality and adding value, and service. We want all our staff to thrive and focus on results rather than being too prescriptive in any process. We aim to be, and to become, a meritocratic business. As a matter of course we encourage flexibility and remote working and we have operated an entirely cloud-based and paperless working environment for many years to the extent we don’t consider this in any sense exceptional. In many ways we are a technology business. 

We are also a progressive business. If a new way of doing things or technology appears, we will consider adopting it. Our team is distributed and can (and do) work seamlessly, remotely, including from abroad. The only limiting factors to our business are an internet connection, power, and the time zone. If we believe new technology will benefit our clients or our team, we will adopt it. Team members remain connected via messenger Slack, video conferencing and, of course, telephone and email.

We’re committed to fostering diversity and inclusivity in every aspect of our work and business. We believe in equality for all and aim to reflect our values in our work.

We have a relaxed working environment and see stiff and strict dress codes as something from the past.

Our team members aren’t confined by a traditional or stuffy dress code because our focus is on the quality of our, perhaps your, work, not on what you wear.

What our staff say about us

  • 100% of our staff would recommend us to their family and friends
  • 90% of our staff believe that they can fulfill their career aspirations at Helix Law
  • 100% of our staff say that they are proud to work for the firm

Career progression

We need good people to grow with us.

We are a comparably new and ambitious business offering new team members the opportunity to join us at a hugely exciting time when we are experiencing exponential growth in turnover and attracting a roster of high quality work from an increasingly diverse range of clients.

We don’t pay based on regimented or predestined PQE levels. If you’re an exceptional performer we will recognise that at any level from day one whether in marketing or administration or as a paralegal, trainee, solicitor, or partner.

Lawyers that join us will experience client contact and increasing levels of responsibility based on client service and quality of work. There is no cap or collar to what can be achieved at the firm.

We are an efficient and lean business. We don’t carry overheads that don’t contribute to what we do, the quality of our work or the service we provide to our clients. This means we are able to offer very competitive salaries and benefits.

What You Can Expect

A business led by business people, without politics

Imagine what can be achieved if wasted energy is cut away. We have experienced partnership in other law firms and know the distractions and baggage that exist. We only care about the service you provide to clients and to colleagues, and that you are prepared to give your all to helping us all move forwards together. We’ll do all that we can to assist you.

During the Coronavirus pandemic we haven’t furloughed any staff. We have recruited during this period having interviewed remotely via video conferencing. We continue to need good candidates hungry to push on your own career, and the business.

No cap or fixed salary level

Regardless of level of experience if the service and quality of your work and your billing justify it (in that order), your income potential with Helix is not capped or fixed based on PQE. There is no mould to break out of and if you back yourself we won’t hold anyone back.

Market leading packages

We pay market leading salaries for good people.

In addition to market leading salaries team members;

  1. are paid for up to 5 days sick leave per year;
  2. have the option to purchase up to 5 days additional leave per year;
  3. receive a performance related bonus;
  4. participate in a pension scheme with equal employer contributions; and
  5. have access to continuing support for professional training including funding and time off for study leave and exams where applicable.

Medical benefits

All team members are automatically included within our corporate medical insurance policy. If you’re anything like us, family is everything. We therefore provide a high level of private medical insurance protection and access for you, and including for your family. Spouses and dependent children are included under our policy cover.

Team and family member benefits include;

  1. Discounted David Lloyd, Virgin Active, Nuffield and PureGym gym memberships
  2. Immediate access to private GP appointments;
  3. Access to countrywide private hospitals including in central London;
  4. Access to the best consultants in the country- your choice;
  5. Free Annual Health Check;
  6. Free Fitness Check; and
  7. Discounts from rewards partners including;
  8. Champneys spa breaks
  9. Fitness equipment
  10. Fitness trackers such as fitbit
  11. Mr & Mrs Smith luxury holidays
  12. Discounted Amazon Prime Membership
  13. Discounted Apple products such as Apple watches

Equipment and technology

All joiners receive a welcome pack including Airpod pro headphones and other ‘swag’.

All staff also receive ‘at least’* dual screens for home office use which have been shown to increase productivity by over 40% (and which we therefore adopted years ago).

*We are currently moving towards providing super wide (curved) monitor screens that have an effective screen size equating to 3x screens to improve working environment and productivity.

We provide enterprise level (best on the market) laptops and equipment, constantly reviewed and updated.

We have worked in the cloud, entirely remotely, for over 11 years. We are also paperless. From day 1 you will have access to processes, systems, equipment, technology and automations, all designed to make your life easier, more efficient in your work, and to improve the quality and consistency clients can expect from Helix.


We are as transparent with everyone as we possibly can be on where we are; where we’re heading; and how we plan to get there, which is constantly evolving.

Flexible and remote working

We do have offices and from time to time or on/for specific projects working from an office can be necessary and useful. Equally we are deeply committed to flexible and remote working, and we don’t just say this with passing reference on a ‘one day a week if you’re lucky’ basis. We have hired remotely and multiple team members have and do work from abroad. They can do so seamlessly and remain fully connected; we embrace the global, and digital, economy.

Diverse matters and clientele

We act for a wide range of clients in a wide range of disputes. Our work is increasingly high-quality from an increasingly diverse range of clients based nationally and internationally. We aim to continue hunting for, and winning, local high quality and city level work and relationships.

A dynamic business with budding opportunities

We’re growing fast. There are opportunities for our team to grow with us quickly too. We intend to continue disrupting traditional workflows and winning bigger and more complex clients and disputes.

Don't just take our word for it…

Introducing two of our lawyers’ journeys with Helix Law

Sam Packwood

Richard Chapman

Our locations

Our offices are important administrative and training hubs but aren’t very relevant to clients and so aren’t very important to us. We’re often instructed in urgent matters where the need to sit in a meeting is less important than getting on with the actual work. For our national and international clients they don’t want to meet in an office and are happy to video conference which we therefore accommodate.

We have two offices;

Brighton, UK - A 5-minute walk from the beautiful train station, our Brighton office is in the heart of the city. Situated close to the North Lanes, we’re an easy target for anyone coming to visit our cosy and professional space.

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Eastbourne, UK - Located a few minutes from Eastbourne train station, our office is a space many of our team members like to make use of. Also positioned close to all the highlights of the city, we’ve taken great care to make this a first-class workplace.

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Wherever You Are - We are wholly committed to flexible and remote working, enabling our team to work from home and efficiently move around the country (and the world) on client business when needed.


We are growing rapidly and invite applications from established experienced litigators from NQ to Partner level. If you’re at the start of your career we’re also keen to speak with you. We especially seek applicants for a paralegal position with a view to a training contract, and exceptional professional support lawyers and administrators. We typically ask prospective trainees to work with us for a short period as a paralegal, typically for 3-6months to assess if we’re a good fit for one another. Unlike many other firms we do not hold people in this position for long. In the last four years 7 trainees have qualified with us.

We have a litigation only culture. We understand what makes litigators tick and we have a culture that:

Supports you at work and when you need down time;
Allows and facilitates senior solicitors to work when and where they want, including from abroad.

We help make this work so that you are seamlessly integrated and connected to the team in practical terms. Our practice management, case management and all functions are online and cloud based. Physical administration/secretarial are delivered from our offices in Brighton and Eastbourne;

We pay employed solicitors a minimum of 40% of net fees;
We pay consultants between 50-60% of fees; including
Providing steady instructions from established marketing funnels and a no politics environment where we just get things done.

We expect to build a team to rival any City team and the next 5 years are an exciting time at Helix. We aspire to recruit the very best litigators and invite applications from qualified solicitors with the following attributes:

  • Strong academic results, or significant work experience outside the legal sector, and a proven track record as a commercial, property, or construction litigator;
  • A desire to continually improve your practice so that you can grow with the firm and help the firm grow;
  • The ability to work independently and within a team;
  • The ability to inspire trust and confidence in your clients and your colleagues; and
  • A desire to work in a modern way.

Ready to get started?

You could be a City lawyer who wants to move out of London and work remotely, or you might be working in a high street firm wanting to learn and earn more within a specialist niche litigation only firm.

There could be any number of reasons to want to move to Helix – if you’re good enough we are flexible enough to create a package that improves your life and our team.

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