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Fixed Price Service

Fixed prices give you certainty. Where the scope of the work is clear and relatively certain then a fixed price will be very close to the price you would have paid by the hour. The more uncertain the scope of the work, complex disputes for instance, the higher the fixed price is likely to be compared to the amount you may pay by the hour if things go smoothly. The reason for this is that fixed costs have to cover the risk of the dispute costing far more than is usually the case. The greater the uncertainty the higher the fixed price. It may suit you to pay extra for certainty and for the comfort of calling or emailing whenever you like without worrying about the cost. Whether it is the right deal for you depends on your own financial constraints, need for support and appetite for risk. We will consider a fixed price at your request for complex pieces of work. For more straightforward work we already quote a variety of fixed prices:


Small claims fixed feeClick here to view
Contract of employment£250 plus VAT
Staff Handbook£500 plus VAT
Shareholders Agreement£750 plus VAT
Possession Noticesfrom £100 plus VAT
Possession proceedingsfrom £325 plus VAT
Construction Adjudication Click here to view


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