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Employment Lawyer

Helping your business manage its employees

Good relations with your employees and a firm understanding of Employment Law lead to a more profitable business. We help you get on with running your business. Managers are not always interested in the legal whys and wherefores of implementing a decision – they know it is the right decision for the business and just want to get on with it. Helix recognises that your getting on with your business is the most important issue and so we deal in swift practical solutions. You tell us what you need to do and, if it’s lawful, we tell you how to do it. We also understand that businesses need to plan their expenditure, that is why we have fixed our fees to include all advice and representation. We only want to work with businesses where our fees are far lower than the value we think we can add to the business. Our entire focus is on making the law work for your business.




We deal with all court proceedings and tribunals without raising additional fees

If, even with our help and advice, a claim is brought by a dis-satisfied employee then we will represent you in any court proceedings or Employment Tribunal without any additional fee. We believe that it is unlikely you will face a claim if you retain us and follow our advice. Nevertheless, tribunal claims can arise whatever you do. Even if you successfully defend the claim you cannot usually recover your legal fees. These fees can run into tens of thousands of pounds. We believe that is wrong. If, as a Helix client, a claim is brought against you then we will represent you throughout without any extra charge. This is our philosophy of service – we work together with your business to help it achieve its commercial goals and we take away the risk of your business incurring unrecoverable legal costs.

Working the way you want to

We will tailor the service and the price according to your business’s particular needs, that way you only pay for what is necessary. You will get unlimited telephone support and we will keep you continually updated. You can specify the level of support you want at the price you want.

We are committed to communicating in a way that suits each particular client; Telephone, letters, email, meetings – you choose. To find out more call 01273 761990 or email [email protected]

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