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Final Account Recovery

If a dispute arises in construction it is more often than not after practical completion when the parties seek to agree the final account. Claims are made for time, defects and variations.

In many cases the contract will provide precise mechanisms for determining claims and certifying final accounts. Too often the parties ignore those mechanisms and put themselves in a weak position.

Construction law is often quite different to general contract and commercial law. The effect of the Housing Grants Construction and Regeneration Act 1996 as well as the Scheme for Construction Contracts is often fundamental to understanding and resolving final account recovery disputes and just as often overlooked.

In many cases the swift and effective use of adjudication can bring a long running dispute to an end in 28 days. A key feature of adjudication is that neither party can recover its legal costs. That means the costs of losing are much lower than in court proceedings. We regularly act in adjudication on a no win no fee basis. This means our clients have very limited downside and are able to make an easy commercial decision to recover money they are owed.

We offer the essential specialist knowledge and experience that construction companies must have to accelerate payment and maximise their final account settlements.

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