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Construction Contract Advice

The demand for new buildings, properties, and homes in the UK has never been higher.
This is amazing news for construction contractors, businesses, and individuals.

However, for these projects, it is crucial to have a solid contract that covers every aspect of the project that you’ll be working on.
Without one, you run the chance of getting ripped off without legal recourse.

When offering your services, you never want to settle without a formal agreement.
Doing so means that if a legal problem arises, such as the client not paying you, there is little you can do. You always want a construction contract that outlines everything the project will consist of.



A few things it should include are:

  • Cost estimate
  • Payment schedule
  • Provisions for unexpected circumstances or delays

Moreover, it needs to describe the rights, liabilities, and obligations of all parties involved.

If you have not made your contract terms clear and your project is not on someone’s home you may well be protected by the statutory contract terms contained in the Construction Act (Housing Grants Construction and Regeneration Act 1996)


Common Mistakes

If you are a novice in the world of construction, it’s a good idea to hire a legal expert. Helix’s construction law experts can help you with the construction contract process.

Even experienced contractors make mistakes and can end up losing out on money. A frequent mistake is not including all the essential provisions and clauses necessary for a construction contract – following the standard rules for a commercial contract, for instance, won’t properly protect you should issues arise.

Other mistakes we see a lot include vagueness around additional works: varied works: completion dates; uncertain contract hours for workers; and taking cash as payment. Accepting cash means that you and your client could receive no protection if an issue ends up in court. There are hundreds of ‘little’ things that can be forgotten when drawing up a contract that end up as big problems later down the line. When drawing up a construction contract it’s advisable to get legal advice to make sure it covers every eventuality, as construction work can become increasingly complex.


How Helix Law Can Help

The building of a new site is complex regardless of the size of the project. For this reason, you want to be sure you have a solid construction contract. This should cover all legal concerns for your business and your customer. When you run into a problem, our construction dispute lawyers can advise on the best course of action.

We can also help you to draw up your contract in the first instance. Failure to get your contract checked by an expert in construction law can leave you open to losses.

When there is a construction dispute or legal issue, call Helix. Our lawyers have the experience and knowledge necessary to carry out cases like these efficiently, or prevent disputes reaching adjudication or court at all. Whether you are being denied what you’re owed or need help settling a building dispute, we work diligently to bring you the best outcome possible.


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