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Managing Sick Leave

Absences as a result of sickness can be very difficult to manage correctly and throw up many questions including:

  • What is the definition of sickness for the purposes of sick leave?
  • Does the sickness arise from something in the workplace?
  • Does the employee have a disability?
  • Are employees entitled to contractual sick pay?
  • How does holiday entitlement affect sick leave?
  • Does the employer have the right to require medical evidence?
  • Is there a difference between long term and short term absences?
  • In what circumstances can an employer dismiss an employee who is unable to work as a result of sickness?

These are just a few of the issues that can arise and the answers to most will turn on the particular facts of the case. Helix law are experienced in giving practical advice and assistance to SMEs. Many clients chose to opt for our monthly retainer and we work with them as their outsourced HR Department.

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