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Lettings Agent

We have a team of partners, solicitors and trainees working with a significant number of letting agents all over the country. We are genuinely happy to speak with you and wherever we can will always offer free informal advice without any charge or obligation.

We operate a free legal advice line for agents with no membership fees or other commitment. To find out more click here.

We value building a relationship with you and the aim of the free legal advice line is to reassure you that you can contact us without fear of what it might cost you. You receive advice from an experienced litigation team and we have the opportunity to show you how we work and what we can do. Of course we hope you will keep us in mind if your landlords ever need our services but there is no membership, no cost, and no obligation whatsoever. We’re simply good at what we do and would welcome the opportunity to help.

Our experience is that anything can and does happen with tenancies and so typical questions don’t really exist. Generally we have helped in relation to evictions, section 21 claims, section 8 claims, and deposit issues and where the tenant is in breach of the tenancy agreement. We have dealt with situations where the tenant won’t allow access, where they are unlawfully subletting and where pets have been introduced that weren’t agreed all being fairly standard types of enquiries.

Of course sometimes possession claims cannot be avoided. Where these are necessary we offer fully transparent fixed fees for this work. We are also experienced in resolving the most complex property litigation.

We’d be happy to speak with you on 01273 761990 or email [email protected] and we will be happy to help.

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