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Ongoing Disputes and Litigation

We are increasingly contacted by landlords and other solicitors seeking our assistance with ongoing disputes and litigation. We are specialists in litigation and dispute resolution and have one of the largest specialist teams in the South East. Our work takes us across the country working for national chains and household names to individual investors and landlords. We always take a commercial approach in our advice and use our commercial acumen and experience, as well as our knowledge of legal process and outcomes, to give rounded advice that helps improve the position of you, our clients.

If you are currently involved in a dispute and would like a second opinion we are happy to review the facts and documents before advising you. If we agree with the approach we will say so. If there is a problem we will tell you. If there is an opportunity we will advise you to take it. When giving advice we will always try to be clear and you will always find us approachable. We aim to be as easy to deal with as possible.

We have taken over conduct of disputes where far larger firms have previously been instructed but where the interests of the client have at some point become lost in a haze of internal process or unclear communication.

More than anything we’re happy to speak with you- if you think a review might assist simply call us on 01273 761990 or email us at [email protected] and we will be happy to help.

Meet the Helix Law team

Contact Helix Law on 01273 761 990 or email [email protected]