Free Solicitor Advice for Landlords

If you are a multiple landlord or letting agent then you are eligible to access our free legal advice.

Whether you have received a disrepair claim, have served your own notice or have issued your own claim or are looking for advice on how to evict your tenant simply call 01273 761990 and ask to speak to a member of the property litigation team.

Lines are open between 9am and 5.30pm.


If you are a landlord who owns at least 5 properties you’re in good company. We assist over 2,500 other landlords nationally.

By signing up you will:

  1. have the opportunity to call and request an initial telephone conversation without charge
  2. be kept in the loop of any legal changes we believe you need to be aware of; and
  3. be given access to guidance material.

Signup is easy, simply contact us using the contact box on this page.

Letting Agents

We assist hundreds of letting agents nationally ‘behind the scenes’. We pride ourselves on transparency and ensure we are approachable and as easy to contact as possible.

We’re happy to help with your niggling legal issues, including on an informal basis.

Our free legal advice line is specifically designed to assist you in securing more business. The advice line is available for you and also for landlords who instruct you. This is a free additional benefit you are able to offer as an incentive to landlords who instruct you to manage their properties.

  1. We are happy to have an initial telephone conversation with you and even with your landlords, without charge.
  2. We produce a co-branded leaflet for you to give to your clients and prospects.
  3. We will keep you up to date with the ever changing legal landscape for property law.

Signup is easy, simply contact us with your details using the contact box on this page.

Request A Call Back

People frequently tell us that we’re approachable and offer great advice.

They also tell us most solicitors are hard to get hold of whereas we’re happy to listen. The reason for this is that we value long term relationships and we’re happy to speak with business people, to invest our time in understanding your business and whatever your concerns are. Only at that point can we understand whether we’re the right people to help you.