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Property Investor

Property investment disputes come in many forms. We act for investors where something has gone wrong and where money or property need to be recovered as a result. Frequently our work involves seeking recovery of monies loaned which haven’t been repaid and we have acted for many investors successfully recovering their money, property, or both.

Importantly we are happy to back our own advice. Where the circumstances permit we will agree to work on a no win, no fee basis, including in commercial claims where hundreds of thousands of pounds might be at stake. In this way we are able to really evidence to you, our client, that our interests are aligned and that the advice we’re giving are the steps that need to be taken to improve your position.



Property investment can be broad and disputes we have acted in have included joint ventures gone wrong and developments involving partnership agreements where someone hasn’t delivered what they promised. We also have a focus on development and construction litigation and are able to act in adjudications where that is the most effective way to achieve the best outcome for you. More details on these services are available here.

Every claim and dispute are considered on their own merits but we have found that many claims and disputes in this area have similar high level characteristics. Often property training events, seminars, webinars and course literature will have been used to create an impression of the trainer or institution. As well as a means of income the property training might be considered a means for the prospective borrower to profile and develop relationships with investors who might be asset or cash rich.

We have acted in many situations where investors have effectively been miss sold investments based on false or inflated promises that are reinforced by the borrower- typically the trainer or an associate of the trainer.

With our experience and fast growing reputation for success in this area we are able to assess the core issues and background circumstances quickly and effectively.

Of course we also help property investors in less complex claims including the recovery of possession and rent arrears. You can find access to our services for landlords here.

If you are a property investor and have been promised the earth but haven’t received the returns promised or monies due to you we’re happy to speak with you informally and with no obligation. Simply call 01273 761990 or email [email protected] and we will be happy to help.

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