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There are special circumstances where the court will grant an injunction, sometimes at very short notice, to protect a person’s legal rights. Injunctions preventing a person or company from doing something are called prohibitory injunctions. The court may even grant an injunction ordering a person or company to do something and this is called a mandatory injunction. Mandatory injunctions are less common. Injunctions can be interim pending the final resolution of a legal dispute. They become final after the matter has been determined by the court.

We have experience in bringing and defending injunction applications in all kinds of circumstances including :

  • To prevent a former employee or director competing and/or using confidential information
  • To freeze the assets of an entity that owes you money using a freezing injunction
  • To prevent trespass onto your property, breach of a restrictive covenant or some other breach of your property rights
  • To prevent a competitor copying your trading style and passing off their product or website as yours
  • To prevent a competitor from encouraging someone to breach their contract with you
  • To prevent the presentation of a winding up petition



The grant of an injunction is a discretionary remedy and often it is critical that an application is brought as swiftly as possible.

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