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Contract Law

Contracts are a major business opportunity and a major business risk. Done well they can enhance the reputation of your business. Whether you know it or not you are making contracts on a weekly basis.

Contracts and contract law are at the centre of all commercial activity. Every day we have offers accepted and we accept offers made by others. We make and vary contracts in writing, verbally or by conduct. We perform our promises and expect others to perform theirs. We sometimes need to terminate contracts or to seek damages for breach. Sometimes a customer or supplier will make, what seems, an unreasonable demand. It is only then that we realise the extent of our obligation and what we can demand of the other party. If the contract you have formed is not what you intended then that is a significant risk to your business.



Often legislation implies terms into contracts that the parties are completely unaware of until they fall into dispute. This is particularly true of construction contracts and consumer contracts. At other times legislation can strike out terms expressly agreed between the parties, again this is particularly true in construction and consumer contracts.

We can help you understand the way a contract is formed so that it properly reflects your intentions and we can draft standard terms and conditions to minimise your contract risk.

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