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Business Law

Helix Law was set up in order to give small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) access to the kind of legal teams that are routinely available only to larger businesses. Big businesses spend significant sums on legal advice because they know it makes them money. The same is true for smaller businesses but for them solicitors are often too expensive, aloof or too inflexible for their needs.

We have developed pricing models and ways of communicating that put specialist commercial legal advice and dispute resolution within the reach of ambitious SMEs and business owners.

Having the right legal advice can significantly improve the performance of your business. If you have the right contracts in place with your customers, suppliers and business partners you will be perceived as far more professional and you will avoid costly mistakes and disputes. The same is true of your contracts of employment and HR policies and procedures.


The most expensive advice is bad advice.

People frequently tell us that we’re approachable and offer great advice. They also tell us most solicitors are hard to get hold of whereas we’re really happy to listen. The reason for this is that we value long term relationships and we’re really happy to speak with business people, to invest our time in understanding your business and whatever your concerns are. Only at that point can we understand whether we’re the right people to help you.

If you aren’t sure call us on 01273 761990 or email us on info@helix-law.com, and let’s see if we can help you.

Meet the Helix Law team

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