Form N180

Form N180 is a Directions Questionnaire used for small claims court cases where the value of the dispute is less than £10,000. The questionnaire is sent to both the defendant and the claimant’s solicitors (or directly to the litigant in person if they are representing themselves) to be filled out, so that the judge can learn about the specifics of the case. The form details that the parties must consider settlement or mediation before the case goes to court, and that a court hearing should be a last resort. If the court route is chosen, the parties are asked which County Court they would prefer the hearing to happen at, if they choose to use expert evidence to back up their claim, if they want to call any witnesses, and whether there are any dates that they or their witnesses can’t appear in court. This information helps the judge decide how to structure the hearing, where it should take place, and when it should be held.

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