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Each one will be different, though in general it will include:

  • Amount of settlement payment
  • The date of the employee’s last day working for the company
  • All employment claims that the agreement will waive
  • Confirmation that both parties obtained legal advice and who it was from

Common clauses included:

  • Provisions for references (workers should take note of this, as if there is not a clause in which the employer agrees to give a favourable reference, they are not legally bound to)
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Post-termination restrictive covenants (e.g. that the employee cannot engage the company’s current clients or staff for business purposes after their contract expires)
  • Taxes applicable to payments involved
  • Non-disparagement clause (preventing the employee from taking future actions that negatively impact the company)

For more information about drawing up a settlement agreement and what you should include, contact Helix Law.

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