Directions questionnaire

There are two Directions Questionnaires used by the courts – Form N180 and Form N181. Their functions are to gather information about the case from the parties involved and their legal representatives (if they have them) and use this information to assign the case to a “track”. Form N180 is for small claims cases while Form N181 is issued to cases that fit either the fast-track or multi-track route. The forms ask for the details of witnesses, evidence, and dates for which deadlines should be set. Those in receipt of a Directions Questionnaire should fill it out accurately and promptly return it to the specified court to avoid delays. Usually a party’s solicitor will fill out their Directions Questionnaire for them to ensure accuracy, but litigants in person (people representing themselves in court) can choose to fill it out themselves. After the completed form is delivered back to the court, the judge will assign the case to a track and set dates and locations for hearings, which all claimants, defendants and witnesses must attend.

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