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Welsh Government Consultation on Letting Agent Fees Now Open – Wales Only

The government’s consultation on banning fees to tenants in England has now concluded and the feedback is being analysed. See our earlier blog here; (http://www.helix-law.co.uk/property-law-blogs/587-government-consultation-on-letting-agent-fees-now-open-england-only).

In the meantime the Welsh Government has now published its own consultation and seeks the views of tenants, landlords, letting agents and other interested parties.

The consultation ends on 27th September 2017. You can respond to the consultation online, by email or by post following the links on this page:- https://consultations.gov.wales/consultations/fees-charged-tenants-private-rented-sector

Potential points to note within the consultation include that;

  • the value and services that agents provide to tenants and landlords alike in ensuring services are provided to the mutual benefit of both parties. Letting agents have played an important role in ensuring that properties and landlords are compliant with legislation, including recent changes to deposit regulation and the Deregulation Act 2015;
  • agents are significant employers themselves and contribute to the economy significantly. It isn’t unreasonable that they must be paid for the services they provide;
  • a ban on agent fees may lead to rent inflation. Agents will be forced to seek to recover lost fee income via other means, most likely from landlords. Many landlords, already facing the considerable impact of section 24, will have no alternative in many instances than to pass on additional costs to tenants via rent increases.


  • Agents and landlords with property interests in Wales should participate in the consultation.

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