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Bailiff’s fees to increase from 25 July 2016

Yesterday evening (20th July 2016) the House of Lords approved a range of court fee increases specifically relating to enforcement. The new fees will be implemented from this Monday, 25th July 2016.

Landlords and Letting Agents should therefore act promptly throughout today or tomorrow to ensure that any enforcement is applied for under the current fee regime.

The fees being increased in this round are court fees charged for items ranging from bailiff warrants to the examination process where Judgment debtors are forced to attend court for questioning on their assets, income and expenditure.

Many of the fees are at relatively modest levels commercially speaking and many have not been increased since 2011. To reflect this, although the specific amounts do vary, on average the increases are in the region of approximately 10%.

A full list of the fees changed is included here

Statutory Provision;

– The Civil Proceedings, First-tier Tribunal, Upper Tribunal and Employment Tribunals Fees (Amendment) Order 2016 was approved yesterday evening on 20th July 2016.


– Landlords, Letting Agents and anyone considering enforcing a Judgment shortly should consider doing so immediately to avoid paying the increased court fee;

– Anyone making an application to the court on or after Monday 25th July should ensure the correct fee is paid at the time of the application to avoid applications being rejected and/or delayed.

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