Other Professionals

Our background is in litigation and in helping companies and business people resolve and avoid litigation. We are specialists in the legal areas we operate in and understood long ago the value of focussing on our strengths. There are many legal and professional services that we do not offer such as conveyancing, wills and probate services, commercial conveyancing and family/divorce issues to name a few.

We work closely with other professionals in these areas including especially other solicitors and barristers but also surveyors, contract managers and architects.

The benefit to solicitors in working with and referring to us is that you know you are referring your clients to a firm of specialist litigation solicitors where your clients and contacts will receive excellent advice. We are also frequently asked to recommend lawyers and professionals in other legal areas ourselves and where we can we are more than happy to do so.

We have no interest in competing in other areas of work and simply look for solicitors able to offer our clients a fantastic product and service, who don’t compete with our services. Increasingly we offer employment and HR services to other legal firms and our retainers can be particularly cost effective. Having litigators on hand to help on an informal basis adds real value and can relieve a degree of stress and pressure not least due to the unknown if the issue relates to something outside your area of expertise.

If you are a solicitor or firm working in conveyancing, wills and probate services, commercial conveyancing, family/divorce or another legal area and would like to speak with us we would be delighted to speak with you. Our arrangements are nearly exclusively informal- we simply refer to those we know, like and who trust will offer a great service to our clients. We simply ask you to do likewise and to keep us in mind where the opportunity arises.

If you have a client with a dispute or are perhaps involved in a dispute yourselves don’t hesitate to call 0345 314 2044 or email [email protected]. Ask to speak with Alex Cook or Jonathan Waters and we will be happy to discuss your issue privately and confidentially.