How we are maintaining Service during the Coronavirus

Thankfully in 2022 we are moving away from earlier disruption caused as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic (Coronavirus). Long may that continue.

We hope to give some insight into the processes and systems we have available and which enable us continue to operate, including in the event of further variants, disruption or pandemics. We have longstanding processes in place that allow us to continue to deliver our services safely and efficiently, notwithstanding the COVID-19 pandemic (Coronavirus).

Our systems are fully cloud based so that all members of our team are able to fully and seamlessly operate remotely from home in line with any Government advice regarding social distancing, tiers, and/or any lockdowns. We have had the ability to work in this way for over 10 years and continue to invest and develop our systems in this regard. 

We also operate paperless offices and systems, and have done so for years.

As long as we have internet access there will be no disruption to our services or support.

You can contact us by telephone on 0345 314 2044. Our core business hours are 9:00am to 5:30pm on normal business days however we have systems in place to ensure calls are answered including outside these times. Our emails are constantly monitored during business hours. Email us at [email protected] if needed. 

Aside from usual business hours in reality you will find our emails are often monitored during evenings and weekends, including Public Holidays. We often respond outside traditional business hours reflecting the often emergency or urgent nature of our services.

We are fully prepared and able to help with complex problems and disputes at very short notice.

Where large bundles of documents need to be delivered and collected we arrange this at our own expense where appropriate. As we are paperless we more typically send, receive and file documents and bundles with the court entirely electronically. We will discuss this with you as appropriate and as necessary.

Throughout the various developments of the pandemic the courts in which we operate, including County Courts throughout the country, and the High Court in London, remained open. We have litigated and resolved significant numbers of disputes including commercial disputes and adjudications, throughout the pandemic. Hearings are now routinely conducted by video remotely. We have all the equipment necessary to facilitate this and welcome this approach. We have worked via video conferencing with domestic and international clients for many years. 

There can be some delays at the courts from time to time, but we do not expect these to be significant. Access to justice is rightly considered extremely important. As an example, depending on the court, we are advised to expect approximately 10 working day processing times for post. Email, which we more commonly use, being quicker. Any delay will be slightly frustrating but these are not significant turnaround times in the context of the background to the pandemic and for many it will hopefully provide reassurance that the courts remain very much open for business. Indeed the courts didn’t close at any point.

During the pandemic there were a number of moratoriums and suspensions including in housing and possession/eviction claims, also including some insolvency steps. Almost exclusively these are now at an end or are due to end very shortly. Claims are continuing to be processed and actioned, including as above. We of course keep the position under review and will update landlords, agents, investors and companies subscribed to our email lists and social media feeds, as well as website visitors, if the position changes. In the meantime it is important to note that the vast majority of disputes continue to be resolved by the courts including by video hearings and telephone using arrangements that have been in place for some time.

We hope the above is useful but if you have any queries please contact us or any member of our team who will be happy to help. 

The Helix Law team.