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Statement of Terms of Employment

Statement of Terms of Employment

There are certain terms of employment which must be provided to your employees when they commence their employment with you.

We would always advise that you enter into a properly drafted contract of employment with your employees as it will be beneficial to your business. However, at a very minimum you must provide the basic terms.

This written statement of terms is often referred to as a Section 1 statement.

The Section 1 statement must be given to your employee no later than two months after their employment begins, and can be provided either before or after the employment begins.

The information can be given in different documents as long as it is in writing and within 2 months of commencement. There is certain information which must be provided in one document.

Information to be included in one document:

  1. Name of employer and employee
  2. Date employment starts and date of continuous employment
  3. Amount of pay and intervals of payment
  4. Hours of work
  5. Holiday entitlement and holiday pay
  6. The employee’s job title or a brief description of work
  7. Place of work

Other information which must be provided:

This further information may be provided in the same document, supplementary statement or easily accessible documents such as a staff handbook.

  1. Terms relating to absence due to incapacity and sick pay
  2. The notice periods for termination of employment by either party
  3. Information about disciplinary and grievance procedures
  4. Terms regarding pensions and pension schemes
  5. Terms related to work outside the UK for a period of more than one month
  6. Terms as to length of temporary or fixed-term work
  7. Details of any collective agreements directly affecting the employment

Failure to provide a Section 1 statement:

If you fail to provide a statement to an employee, or it is inaccurate or incomplete, your employee may complain to the Employment Tribunal.

If the employee has no other complaints or claims, they will only be entitled to a declaration from the Tribunal either confirming the statement they’ve been provided with, or amending substituting terms of the employment.

If your employee brings another successful claim and at the time of the claim you had failed to provide a statement, the employee would be entitled to compensation up to a maximum of four weeks’ pay.


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