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Covenants in employees’ contracts unenforceable as being too wide

An employer has failed to stop former employees from working with his customers at their new employer’s, because the court has ruled that the restrictions in the employees’ contracts are too wide and therefore unenforceable.

Employees’ contracts of employment prohibited them, for 12 months after the termination of their employment, from direct or indirect employment by any present or past customer of their employer if the employees had been personally involved with those customers.

A number left to work for a former senior sales manager who had set up his own company to compete with their ex-employer. The ex-employer took them to court.

The court said the prohibition against working with any customer they had been involved with, no matter how long ago that had been or how slight the involvement, was unreasonable, so the clause was unenforceable.


Employers should always ensure such clauses are drafted by a specialist lawyer to ensure they are reasonable and therefore enforceable.

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