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Small Claims Fixed Fee

Undefended £500 plus VAT

What’s included:

  • Pre-Action Protocol
  • Drafting and issue of claim/counterclaim/defence
  • Directions questionnaire
  • Small Claims mediation
  • Without prejudice negotiations
  • Dealing with expert evidence (you pay the expert’s fees if one is necessary)
  • Selecting and reviewing documents in support of your case
  • Preparing witness statements
  • Preparing hearing bundle
  • Representation at directions hearing and/or final hearing

 The prices below are for matters that are for claims and counterclaims of £10,000 or less for both claimants and defendants. We offer fixed fees or no win no fee for larger claims. Click here to view them.

Contract/Debt recovery or loans

Full representation of either claimant or defendant:

£1000 plus 10% of the claim value plus VAT

For more information, click here.


Full representation of either counter-claimant or defendant to counterclaim:

£500 plus 10% of the counterclaim value plus VAT

Construction/building dispute

£1500 plus 10% of the claim value plus VAT


£750 plus 10% of the counterclaim value

If the claim is not defended or settled before issue then our costs are fixed at £350 and £500 for construction claims.

If the matter is defended then whether you are a claimant or a defendant, we will be your solicitors throughout the case for a fixed fee. Dealing directly with the court and your opponent on your behalf we will deal with all the paperwork and represent you in court. You will have unlimited access to us by telephone and email. This reduces stress, prevents you from making costly mistakes and saves you management time.

This is a full service that takes you from wherever you are to the end of the matter including any pre-action protocol. Beware services offering to act on undefended claims – all they are offering to do is start the process in the hope your opponent admits the claim or fails to respond. In most cases the opponent defends and that is where most of the work, complexity and costs begin. You will then have negotiate a price to carry on and/or shop around for someone who can help. In those circumstances, you will be under time pressure and in a weak bargain position. We remove that uncertainty by committing to a fixed price from the outset. We also reduce that fixed fee if the matter settles before proceedings are issued or you get judgment in default of a response or you accept an admission.

Here’s the team that will act for you. Contact one of us if you have any questions.

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