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Project manager had a duty to take reasonable skill and care in procuring a signed construction contract

The works were completed under a series of letters of intent; consequently the employer did not have the benefit of a liquidated damages clause. The works were delayed and the employer claimed for damages against the contractor. Because it had no formal contract with the contractor the employer settled for a low sum. However, the [...]

Builders liable to flat owners under defective premises law despite no direct contractual relationship

Builders entitled to change the developer’s specifications during a development have lost a defective premises claim against them by flat owners after their changes resulted in flats that were ‘not fit for habitation’. A developer contracted with a builder to construct two blocks of apartments. In order to do the work within the developer’s budget, [...]

Getting paid for building work

In October 2011 the scope of the Construction Act (Housing Grants Construction and Regeneration act - 1996) was extended to include contracts not in writing. The Construction Act provides for adjudication and payment provisions where the parties to a construction contract do not make adequate provision in the contract for these essential cash-flow mechanisms - there [...]