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Construction Company

Our Partners have significant expertise and experience in helping construction companies and those involved in construction disputes. Members of our team have acted in a significant number of adjudications and understand the complex nature of these disputes in their factual and legal complexity. With our strength in depth we also have the ability to deliver positive adjudication outcomes. We like to win.

Construction disputes come in many shapes and sizes. You may have been served with an adjudication notice and have only a few days to form a response or you may be planning to refer a dispute to the court or to arbitration. It is critical your adviser is a construction law specialist. Complex forms of contract can often leave the individual, small contractor or subcontractors accepting less than they entitled to simply because they lack legal expertise to deal with the complicated excuses for non-payment.

We can assist you in disputes arising from interim payments, final account disputes, retention recovery, issues arising from delay, defects as well as situations where notices have been served on you or need to be served.

Wherever possible we are happy to back our own advice including to entering into funding arrangements where we are only paid if we win.

We specialise in helping individuals and SME construction companies to avoid or handle claims. Our fee structures and expertise allow David to be on equal terms with Goliath; for a small subcontractor to assert its rights against a listed company.

You can find details of our costs and charges, including for adjudication here. The first step is for you to call 01273 761990 and ask to speak to a member of the construction team, or to email [email protected]. We will be happy to speak with you with no initial charge or obligation and can then discuss next steps.

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