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Repudiatory Breach of Contract

Contract law is complex and can lead to messy situations, especially when the circumstances involve more than two parties, as shown by the following case study. This case has brought to light how a contract can be deemed to have ended automatically following certain instances of a repudiatory breach of contract. What Is a Repudiatory [...]

‘No dividends’ Policy and High Directors’ Salaries Were Unfairly Prejudicial to Minority Shareholders

Directors operating a 'no dividends' policy risk shareholders claiming the policy is 'unfairly prejudicial' to them under company law, particularly if the directors pay themselves high salaries relative to what they do, unless the company can justify the policy. Three family shareholders held a minority 27.4 per cent of a family company's shares between them. [...]

10 Legal Facts Every Business Owner Should Know

Entrepreneurs and small to medium size business owners can often find themselves covering all sorts of tasks and functions. Bookkeeping, stock checking, ordering and procurement, human resources, payroll, negotiation and contract drafting all being additional tasks that have to be covered before doing the job. Legal and HR issues are no different and with all [...]
Acas Updates Guidance on Employment Status to Help ‘Gig Economy’ Employers

Acas Updates Guidance on Employment Status to Help ‘Gig Economy’ Employers

Employers will welcome updated Acas guidance on the status of different types of employee and worker, following various recent rulings that purported self-employed contractors working in the 'gig economy' can in fact be 'workers' and entitled to basic employment rights. The phrase 'gig economy' refers to work (often individual tasks) carried out under short-term contracts, [...]