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Repudiatory Breach of Contract

Contract law is complex and can lead to messy situations, especially when the circumstances involve more than two parties, as shown by the following case study. This case has brought to light how a contract can be deemed to have ended automatically following certain instances of a repudiatory breach of contract. What Is a Repudiatory [...]

Mere registration of business name as a domain name by third party can be ‘passing off’

Businesses and other organisations should monitor the Internet for third party registrations of domain names that are identical or similar to their own trading, brand and other names, as they may be entitled to bring immediate ‘passing off’ actions against those third parties. A company claimed that the registration of its name, and variants of [...]

Recovering business debts from individuals: new pre-action protocol in force from 1 October 2017

Businesses (including sole traders and public bodies) claiming debts from individuals (including sole traders) will be required from 1 October 2017 to comply with the new Pre-Action Protocol for Debt Claims. The general principle of the Protocol is to provide the debtor with all the information from the outset to try and avoid court proceedings [...]