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A Problem With Form 6A Section 21 Notice

Following our previous blog on common mistakes made when serving a Section 21 Notice, we have come across a further mistake which is frequently being made on the Form 6a Section 21 Notices.

Paragraph 4 of the Notice on page 2 requests the name and address of the landlord. The template form provided on the gov.uk website contains a very small space for this information to be included, and we have noticed that many agents and landlords are not stating this information, instead simply completing the signatory boxes.

The name and address of the landlord must be provided. You will not be able to commence possession proceedings on the basis of a Section 21 Notice which does not include this information.

Click here for the link to the amended template showing where to enter this information.

Our previous blog containing other common mistakes is here:- https://helix-law.co.uk/five-most-common-mistakes-that-prevent-landlords-serving-valid-section-21-notices-and-how-to-avoid-or-remedy-them/

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Laura Albon

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