10 questions every company should ask


  1. Do my employees have written particulars of employment as required by the Employment Rights Act 1996?
  2. Am I able to deal swiftly and effectively with poorly performing employees ?
  3. Am I sure I know whose terms and conditions apply to each of my contracts?
  4. Do I understand those terms and conditions?
  5. Do I understand the Commercial and Consumer Regulations that apply to my business AND am I constantly updated?
  6. Have I limited my liability to the maximum extent allowed by law?
  7. Do I fully understand how my business insurance performs if I have a dispute?
  8. Can I quickly recover trade debts?
  9. Am I happy to ring my solicitor for advice and not worry about the cost?
  10. Can my business find £50,000 or more to fund the cost of bringing or defending a claim?

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