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The do’s and don’ts of statutory demands

WANT TO SET THE DEMAND ASIDE ? CLICK HERE TO BOOK A FREE ADVICE TELEPHONE CALL Statutory demands are often served by personal service on the debtor as the creditor needs to prove that the demand has come to the debtor’s attention. If you are served with a demand Do act quickly and consult an experienced solicitor immediately. [...]

Court Clarifies When Facts Known by Junior Employees are to be Treated as ‘Known’ by the Employer

Businesses that entrust specific tasks to employees should make sure their policies, procedures and training require them to pass on health and safety-related facts they become aware of when carrying out those tasks to more senior managers. This is because any such facts will be treated as 'known' by the company as a whole if [...]

Employer has to pay higher compensation for lost pension rights

An employer had to pay much more compensation for lost pension rights than it anticipated after losing an unfair dismissal and discrimination claim brought by an employee who could otherwise have expected to remain employed until retirement. A disabled employee won constructive unfair dismissal and disability discrimination claims after her employer failed to make reasonable adjustments for [...]

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not being paid, can I suspend work? How do I recover retentions? Can I use a statutory demand to recover applications for payment? I have received a notice of intention to refer a dispute to an adjudicator, what should I do? Contact Helix Law on 01273 761 990 or email: info@helix-law.com

Importance of reasonable investigation by employer before dismissal

Employers should ensure they carry out a reasonable investigation into possible alternative, exonerating explanations for apparent misconduct before deciding on dismissal or other disciplinary action. Obscene material was found in the cloud storage account at work of a manager of 27 years' standing. He said he had no knowledge of the material but admitted that [...]